Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas To All Those Celebrating!! Mums Antiques Part 1


 So every christmas time I go up to my mums to have lunch with her and the family and I stay a few days to just relax from the hussle and bussle of the city.  My mum lives 3 hours from Melbourne in a town that is pretty isolated from...well anything, and the closest town to go shopping in is 30 minutes away.  Anyway my mum has been collecting dolls and fine china and other things ever since I can remember and her house is and always will be a somewhat "ever changing museum"  Every year when I come here I rush around the house to find out whats new and whats changed.  The thing I like about my mums things are that even though the house is big, shes put the things in certain ways or positions as to not clutter a room, but to beautify it.  Anyway I always remember that when my mum had time she'd often sew together a dress for a doll or knit a jumper or cardigan or whatever.  Maybe this is where my crafting skills have come from! who knows...So this is just the 1st installment of some of my mums things, shes also an avid gardener and has around 25 gardens on her property...I suppose if you live in the middle of no where, you have to find lots to do lol.

Hand Painted Hand Saw
A Doll on the end of my mums bed

Doll in pram with parasol

One of the doll cabinets

Bears and dolls!

One of my mums many displays of fine china and figurines.


Like me my mum has a soft spot for chickens and has many chicken related art around the house

This jug and bowl have been here ever since I can remember.


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