Saturday, May 5, 2012

Newest Igne Oyasi Scarf- ONE SIDE TO GO.


This is the newest oya scarf I've been working on.  I bought 3 new scarves the other day and I started on this one first.  I chose colours that don't really jump out at you when you look at it, because I know that some people don't want to wear eccentric colours, and I'll probably end up sending this scarf along with 2 others to my mother-in-law if it doesn't end up selling.  I really like the floral pattern on this scarf, and the soft subtle tones don't deserve bold colours to accompany them.  Anyway I have one more side to complete before this scarf is finished and ready to be ironed!  I should be able to finish it tomorrow night, so I'm sure there will be more photos in the next post I do.


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