Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pretty Things


Hi guys, long time I know, and I know you definitely missed me!

So I actually have been really busy with work and trying to save up to go to Turkey, and lodging form after form to bring my mother in law back here! My grandma hasn't been too well of late so after work I go there and check up on her and come home and sleep and repeat the process all over again.  I applied to be downgraded to casual work just because I feel like I don't get enough time with my partner, and I don't have enough time to cook or clean as much as I'd like to.

Anyway I have 2 weeks off so I'm quite happy.

As for crafting, I haven't done much, I still have 2 orders to complete but theres no rush on them thank god haha.

I have some new things up on Etsy so go check them out!!

You can check them out by clicking (HERE) (HERE) (HERE) and finally (HERE)


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