Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oya flowers for an order


So I have an order from a friend which I'm definitely overdue on, but theres no rush (thank god) on it but I'm working away as fast as I can on it and only took time out to write this post.  I just finished the red and white flower to which I'll add to the others.  It was very time consuming to make but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.  I made a few flowers for this order before but decided not to use them because the stitches weren't small.  Usually when I make oya flowers I use a double wrap around the needle which creates a more sturdy knot, but you cant make the stitches small because of the height of the knot, and the knots become visible and really I'd only use that type of flower for something like a scarf where its going to be washed and needs to keep its shape.  Also it takes less time because the loops are bigger meaning that you can create a flower faster.  I decided to use the one wrap with these flowers which keep the loops closer together and smaller which makes the flower look more delicate.  Because these flowers will be used for a crown I have inserted fishing line around the edges and made oya over them so they will be more durable and keep their shape.  I haven't starched them because perhaps she would like the flowers to sit a certain way so I'll leave that up to her.  Anyway back to work I go!


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