Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meadow Grass Oya


This to me is the epitome of Igne Oyasi.  This is Cayir Cimen Oyasi which is made by a daughter in law for her mother in law.  This one was made by my M.I.L god knows how long ago.  This oya is famous in Konya, and no other place in Turkey makes this type of Oya like this.

At first you're probably thinking why the whole scarf isnt done, and just 2 sides plus 4 corners are done.  In Turkey they believe in "dort dortluk" which is like "nothing is perfect (except god)" so this scarf and Mezar Tasi (Grave stone) Oya they never did the whole scarf.

Theres also a great story behind this Oya.  Before the wedding, a girl will work tirelessly on this scarf to put into her mother in laws "bohca" (which are presents for the grooms family etc that are prepared before the wedding) in which she is trying to show her mother in law how diligent and skilled she is, and how her son will be happy with such a careful, patient and good worker.  After the wedding ceremony, The mother in law prepares a meal for them to eat, and the new bride is praying that she likes the scarf or something bad will happen.  If the mother in law doesnt like the new brides oya work, weather it be too lose, or not fine or whatever, she will make a yogurt soup, and finely cut the oya off into it.  This was a sign to the new bride that she needs to be more diligent and careful when she makes it again.

This is my most favourite scarf so far, and I'm so happy to have it in my collection.


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