Friday, September 23, 2011

The pillow edings and some other tidbits


So I've put some of my projects on hold to start making some things for my "all handmade spare room" idea.  So far I've made 2 pillow edgings, 1 cross stitch pillow case and I'm just about to finish another pillow edging (which I'll put a pic of when I finish it and attatch it to the pillow)  While I was searching through my stash bags in the cupboard I also came across a mesh oya scarf that I made ages ago that I'd forgotten about because it was more a practice scarf not one that anyone in this day and age would wear lol, I also found a neckscarf that has a tatted edging that I made and had forgotten about.  Enjoy!!
Mesh scarf with Oya
Mesh Scarf with Oya
Neck Scarf with Tatted Oya
My pillow edging with oya!
My pillow edging!


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