Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Igne Oyasi (needle lace) Scarf ready for ETSY!


So this will be the first time I'll be selling an Igne Oyasi scarf on etsy, considering the others I have made have always been sold before I even get the chance to put one up!  All up it took me about 4 days to complete and I'm extremely happy with the end result.

Usually when I aquire a scarf ready to be adorned with oya, I assess the colours that are present on the scarf and usually I'll either use colours that match the scarf, or colours that go with the colours of the scarf but stand out more-  This is typical in turkish handicrafts, especially oya.  This scarf is brown and white with rose motifs and flowers.  I love the subtlety of this scarf and so I decided not to go with anything too eccentric and stick to more soft tones, but tones that stood out from the scarf to make it noticeable.  I think that white and lilac were perfect colours to go with this scarf.  I used dark green thread to begin with just to take your eye off the brown when you look at the scarf, then the eye moves to the lilac and notices the white.  So I think these colours were perfect to adorn this scarf with.

The last side felt like it took forever for me to finish, and I finished at 2am yesterday morning, looked at it, folded it, and went to bed haha.

This scarf is available on my ETSY page


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