Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orders, Edgings, Pretty things!


I kept my promise!  Here are a few things that I've been whipping up for the baby order I have that is due on the 8th of july.  I've also included some photos of lace that was given to me by my partners mother.  This lace is pretty special to me because she had made all that stuff for her own trousseau before she got married, and now she's passed it on to me :)  So i've included a caption under each photo of what things are etc.  So until the next blog...Stay safe!!

Top Left: Grey baby sweater, baby kufi and baby booties
Bottom Left: Baby cardigan, Top Right: Hat and jumper, bottom right:
Pants and booties.

Top left: Cardigan with solomon knot extension, Bottom left:
Sweater, Top right: Jumper, Bottom left: Small childs slippers.

These are some new patik that I made, both are knitted except for the top left ones
which are crocheted.

Ah lace :)  these are "karyola takimi" which are edgings you put around a bed.
I can't tell you how long each of them are, but they are pretty long and all hand made by my partners mother.

This photo is upside down :( more handmade edgings.

More edgings!

Some doilies

This is the table cloth my partners mother made for me.

This is the edging of the table cloth

This is my seccade (se-ja-de) which comes from the word "sajjada"
which is Arabic for "carpet" Its a prayer mat that my partners mother made for me  with cross stitched tulips
on it.  One of my most prized possessions.


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