Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where did I go??


Well well well hello all 70 of you!  Its been a while since I have blogged, and for good reason- I've had some orders!  First off I have this order (that needs to be finished by the 8th of July) for a lady in my area with 3 children and one on the way (obviously she's busier than I am!)  So she asked for all this baby stuff, and some turkish slippers and apparently shes going to make me a millionaire...we can only hope.  I have no photos of what I have made for her but I promise I'll upload some after I've finished.

Another 2 of the orders came from the same person, a lovely friend of mine who lives all the way over in Utah who wants an Igne oyasi scarf (more specifically a scarf with EFE oya on it- which are huge sun like disks) and a pack of large and small oya flowers and some leaves for an upcoming project she has.

So I'm extremely happy I have these orders, but sheesh I'm flat out!

As of late also I have uploaded some patterns to ravelry- which you can find HERE - I'm officially a "designer" woohoo!

I have also uploaded 2 new scarves onto Etsy which you can find HERE and HERE

"Efe Oyasi" for the order

New style oya scarf now on etsy

Mix tatting/needle lace scarf now on etsy


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