Monday, November 28, 2011

The first side of the new OYA scarf


So I quickly finished the 1st side, starched it, and then took photos to put up for my lovely fellow readers to see. You can see what I meant before about the scarf being lovely, and for some reason I don't think a flat 2d type oya would have gone as well as a 3d oya would with this one.  I didn't use Altin Basak for this one as my new nylon threads came a couple of days ago they're called "Ozen is" -said 'ozen ish' and its great, really like it, excellent pull and doesn't twirl.  This oya is called hanimeli, however there are 2 versions of this oya.  One does actually look like a ladies hand (hanim= woman, eli= hand) however this one is the actual flower version which I believe is called a honey suckle.  The intermitant motif is often called maydonoz or cimen, which is parsley or grass, so I'm gathering in this instance its grass lol. 

It's really time consuming and I guess I'm going to price this one between 50 and 60 AUD, which I think is fair.  The most time consuming thing is having to make 4 petals and then making the stamens aswel, I hate stamens lol.  Usually I'll finish one side with the 1st row and then complete the flowers on it,  that way I don't get bored doing the same thing over and over again.  Anyway 3 sides to go!  Wish me luck!!


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