Friday, November 18, 2011

I figured it out!!


I'm  actually really really REALLY proud of myself.  I've been trying to figure out how to do this motif for about a year and a half after I found that my partners mother had left a half done one here when she went back to Turkey (which you can see in one of my earlier posts.)  Its the "fan" motif, done with 2 colours a hair pin that I made myself and a size .7mm crochet hook.  If you're wondering how I made a hair pin myself, I just used a metal coat hanger.  I eventually realised why my previous attempts had failed and thats because I was doing it upside down *smacks forehead*

I was sort of mucking around this week with some tatting and bead crochet, but I'll probably continue with the bead crochet as its already nearly a metre long, and I have a yellow black white and green scarf that I can attach it to.  The motif is called "ojeli parmak" and "parmak" means "finger" and the motif does kind of look like fingers with nail polish on them!  Very easy to whip up, its a variation of the "goose eye" which is even simpler!  The tatted edging is called "pirpirim" which is one of my favourite greens- pursulane, very easy to whip up aswel as theres no chains, making this edging simple and suited for a beginner.

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great day!


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