Thursday, November 10, 2011



Loyal followers and lurkers of my blog I wish to apologize for not blogging for a while, I've been extremely busy and grandmas been sick so I've been there and by the time I get home I'm too busy to do anything...Luckily for me I take my work with me!

So I've been lacing it up for the past couple of weeks, even though I was supposed to be making an oya scarf for my partners mother on the 22nd of this month (I still have time) but I'm waiting for my shipment of threads to come as I've picked the scarf but dont have the thread colours for it.

About my laceworks:  I made the tablecloth and runner while I was at my grandmothers.  I used Oren bayan thread.  The 3 doilies are knitted and made by my grandmother from around 30 years ago (I found them while I was cleaning out all of her old clothes shoved at the back of a cupboard) and she gladly gave them to me.  Theres 2 oya lace pieces down the bottom left hand corner, one is a motif doily that still needs 3 more motifs to be completed- its a mixture of crochet and Igne oyasi which is totally beautiful, and the other one is a WIP (work in progress) where I'm just playing around with some stitch ideas.  Both are made with Nylon thread.

Its been really weird weather here in Melbourne the past week- I think thats why my neighbours have both gone mental..  That story is for another blog post lol.

I promise not to neglect any of you reading this blog again, but sometimes life throws things your way and you dont have time to take photos, sit down and write. 

Cheers xx


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