Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weeks antics..


So this weeks been full on!  On thursday I went to spotlight to get some beads for some more bracelets for my upcoming stall (hopefully!) And theres this lovely Turkish woman who works in spotlight who I promised last time I went in there that I'd give her some oya samples, and when I went in, she was talking to this old Turkish lady who apparently is a regular who had a really ugly oya scarf on- like, it wasnt ugly, it was more undetailed and just quickly done, it was "kelebek oyasi" which is a crochet butterfly edging with love knots in between each motif with pink blue and yellow mixed thread on a plain white scarf.  So I went up to the lady that works there and I said "oh I promised you these last time, here you go" and I proceeded to walk off and go to the bead section in Spotlight.  Not even 3 seconds later she came running calling my name because the lady wanted my number to buy some items off me.  How cool is that!?  So I gave her my number and I'm waiting for her call!  So when I got home I started on some Igne oyasi straight away, since I had none in my stash since I gave away the last 3 I had as presents.  I have about 9 or 10 crochet oya scarves and this woman specifically wanted Igne oyasi so I started immediately.  I have this lovely scarf with pink purple yellow and green colours and shiny stuck on sequins, so normally what I'll do is assess the scarf and determine what Oya to put on it, and what colours to use.  I decided on the "Hanimeli" Oya which differs from town to town in Turkey.  Even though this Oya is made for girls getting married, not alot of Turkish people these days know all the meanings for all the Oya, so if it looks pretty, they'll wear it.  I've 1/4 to half finished it so when I do the 1st edge I'll put up a photo.

Heres another edging of a scarf that I whipped up.  I call it 7's because the motif looks like 7s! Duhh lol, Pretty, right?

This towel edging I finished in 2 days.  Its made out of plastic rings (called Halka in Turkish) with a filet edging with some ribbon wrapped through it.  Its such a drainer to make but it looks pretty :)

So that was part of my week.  Tomorrow I have a placement interview at an Aged Care facility so I hope I get it!  Wish me luck!!

Cheers x.


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