Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkish Stitch Bracelets


So last night my partner reminded me that we would be hopefully opening a market stall next year and suggested I start making things that everyone would like (not just scarves because obviously not everyones muslim to wear one)  So I thought I'd whip up some trial bracelets before my partners mother sends us more supplies (beads, threads, whatnot)  This isn't exactly a stitch, its more a sequence of stitches that create what is actually a form of oya edging (called yilan omurgasi or snake spine.)  The edging part would be made by making a stitch in between the beads and then chaining and repeating for the length of the oya, however if you use bigger beads and thicker thread you can make them into bracelets.  I think Adele has a tutorial on this stitch on her website or blog, I think its, or alternatively you can find her on ravelry under the same nickname. 


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