Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New bits!


So its been like a month since I've done any blogging, etsy-ing, facebooking or anything.  I've just been really really busy- but I see I've gathered a few more minions, and had outstanding hits on my tutorials.  So well done to me.  I haven't been making much since I've been so busy, but I did make a tatted doily, which is small but I'm really happy with it.  I found the pattern online and decided to give it a go, and I only made one mistake which you cant notice anyway so I'm very happy with myself.  I also made some other thingies for etsy which I hope you guys will like...look below for photos and descriptions!

My tatted doily with variegated thread.

Lilac coloured foulard/cravat/neckscarf with lilac and yellow oya

I really like how the yellow brings out the purple

This is what I call a "fake" doily..the picture below shows why haha,
this is Oya with a crocheted centre with gold thread, and then white nylon thread.

In Turkey these are called vitrin takimi but usually have 4 motifs at the top, I just made mine with 3 and I
think it looks great under this picture of a whirling dervish I have.
Another Turkish washcloth
The other Turkish washcloth

So I hope you'll all go check out my etsy page and my facebook page- maybe you can even like me!

Cheers x

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