Friday, September 7, 2012

I made a "Caputlu Ignelik"


So my partner used to get annoyed that I would leave needles everywhere, so I made myself a Turkish needle holder or "ignelik"  This needle holder has caput oyasi or "cloth oya" around 2 sides of it, and lots of evil eyes.  It was fun to make but sewing the cloth together is annoying.

I also finished my M.I.L's scarf and below is what it looks like.  Its a lovely scarf with green and orange needle lace around. 

Peace! x

Look What I've Gotttt


I must be really special, well to some anyway.  My partners mother is possibly coming to Australia to live and I cannot contain my excitement.  Anyway in preparing her papers and whatever my partner needed her to send over some information (passports and stuff) so he could fill out the application forms.  Anyway I hadn't asked for anything, except for some white thread for Igne oyasi because I'd run out.  Anyway so he opens the envelope and starts smiling and I had no idea why he was smiling and he said:  Shes sent something for you, I said yes I know I needed white thread remember? He smiled and said well this isn't white thread, its my grandmothers doily.  I nearly died.  His mother had sent me a doily that her mother had made for her for her trousseau!  So this thing is over 70 years old or so.  Its made with very fine cotton, not nylon thread and it has a crochet centre.  I often crochet my centres aswel, especially if doing a group of motifs because theres no guarantee that all the loops will be the same size. Anyway I love it and I'm thinking of framing it, because I can see already some threads starting to get worn out.

Ramadan, Eid, Sickness and Health?


Yes, I know.  But I have a reason so you can't be angry that its been THIS long since I've posted anything on this blog.  To begin with around (and before) Ramadan my grandmother was very sick and my aunty and I took it in turns to look after her, she had a really bad fall and started bleeding and I was absolutely pedantic so I couldnt leave her.  Anyway thank God she's all better and back to cooking now, but i still go there once a week to check on her. 

Ramadan was good this year, lucky we didnt fast during daylight savings this year, and lucky for us also it was mostly cold so fasting was easy.  I spent almost every day out of the house either eating at my grandmas or eating at someones house or whatever.  Ramadans all about people coming together, so there were hardly any times that we were at home, except to sleep of course!

Eid was also good, I'm pretty certain I put back on the 2kg that I had lost, but thats to be expected.

Then after all that I thought I'd go back to my routine of working on the order for my friend (which I was told I could take my time on, but I feel bad) and just some other little things for a cousin of mine whos pregnant and having a baby girl in november, so i whipped up a couple of things for her (which I can't show on here because I know she reads my blog posts :P)  Apart from that I think everything can go back to normal now, so it shouldn't be too long before I post another blogpost again.  Oh and just before I go, I've added some new items (mainly turkish slippers and some baby items) to my etsy store if you would like to check it out, then click here.

Hope all who read this are doing well.  Until the next blogpost, Peace! xx

Blue and Teal Turkish Slippers with beads
Tulip motif Turkish slippers

White Turkish Slippers with beads

Butterfly motif Turkish Slippers with beads.

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