Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I found things in a suitcase...IN A SUIT CASE.


I've been with my partner in this house for 2 years.  He failed to inform me however that his mother had left suitcases here in the cupboard in the spare bedroom.  I practically tripped over the coffee table in an attempt to get there A.S.A.P.  Anyway I found some goodies inside:  2 crochet oyas; one the size of a scarf, and one thats just a sample about 50cm long.  I also found some white nylon thread (which i was in need of) and some beading thread.  So I was quite happy.
Oya Sample

Tulip Scarf Edging.

2 oyas together.
In other news I finished the 50 samples order for my friend over in Utah, which didnt take me long, but trying to remember them all was a pain.  I included some plastic rings for her aswel, as she was cutting tubing for a fish tank to use!
50 samples.

 I also have 2 orders left for the same person, around 20 or so (I've written it down) flowers with leaves, and  a scarf also, but I haven't been working on either of them the past week because alot has been going on family wise and my grandmother God bless her soul, hasn't been well and had a fall last week.  So I've been there looking after her.  Anyway I was told that I don't have to rush, as she doesnt need the flowers for 10 or so months, and the scarf can be done whenever.

Oya flower for order

Ramadan is 3 or 4 days away now, I say 3 or 4 because every year everyone has no idea what day it is because...well...I don't actually know.  We have a calendar that tells us, but then one priest will say this and another priest will say that and then everyone gets confused.  Anyway this year for Ramadan, I thought I'd send my partners mother some scarves so she can show them off to her neighbours.  She doesn't fast anymore because she has diabetes, and the rules are if you're sick or have to take medication, or have to eat, then you don't fast.  So I'm pretty sure she'll be happy with this scarf.  I took a picture of one of the motifs, not the whole scarf, but I will when I finish it (which hopefully is this week)
Partners Mothers Scarf- yet to be finished.

Its a pretty easy motif, but because I've been busy with the orders and my grandmother, I havent had time to get back to it.  At the moment I'm on the 3rd side, so I really should get my butt into gear and finish it so I can go back to my friends orders or she might think I'm neglecting her haha.

I might also pick another scarf to send to her, I think just sending one scarf is a waste of postage .  So I'll pick one out that hasnt sold and send it to her.

Thanks for reading!
Peace x

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying out GONEN OYA. And it worked?


After such a long time, I finally did it.  No curling, no weird stitches, just a proper GONEN doily.  Well- except for the corners LOL.  I think i must have miscalculated how many stitches I had, but that doesnt matter- Its not like I'm selling this one, and mistakes make it all the more special to me.

I've got some photos of parts of the orders I have been doing, and some random oya tidbits I found in some suitcase stuffed in the cupboard that was obviously my partners mothers...I love finding random things in suitcases!  But this is for the next post I do, you'll just have to wait!

Peace xx
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