Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The blanket...the friggin blanket.


So now I wonder why I wanted to make it lol.  I'm thinking to myself now:  Ok you have blankets already, you're just making it for the hell of it.  YES. I suppose its another thing to put in my box of goodies, and ontop of that I'm in my 13th round so I'm really into the whole going round and round business at the moment.  Its grey and black, and I shall post photos soon!

Peace xx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another video


Ok so remember how I told you guys that I'd teach you how to do the motif in one of my blogs? If not look at the pictures of the stuff from the net, not the stuff I've done and you'll understand which motif I'm talking about.

Anyway here it is on youtube:  Oya lace "pirpir" motif

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What am I working on?


The answer to this question is 17 things. lol.  I was so happy to get the flower shaped beads, so I'm doing another beaded scarf, of which I'll post really soon.  Then I decided that because I felt cold, that I should make an afghan, weird much? So I crocheted up a 8 or 10 inch square and I'm deciding whether I like it or not...So so picky lol.  Haven't had time to work on any of my 3 lace projects (1 table runner, 1 table cloth and some other thing I can't even find) but I've got plenty of time to do it considering our weather at the moment is shit and I wouldnt dare go outside in fear of getting frostbite and dying, well thats a bit exaggerative but oh well lol.

Blog ya later xx

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My babies!


I love my babiessss, they're so entertaining and its great to sit outside with them while I do some igne oyasi or crochet, the other day, nugget was being like xena warrior princess scaring all the other birds away so they couldn't eat the food I'd put for the chickens! Smart girl lol.

My babies!

Coco checking out whats going on

Curious Coco :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

My package came at 11 am!


So remember how I told you that my partners mother is sending me a parcel? Well today it came and its lucky that the delivery man hung around or we would have had to drive to glenroy to pick it up, not that glenroy is far, its just draining and a very gloomy day.

So in my package were scarves (without oya) and 2 oya scarves, 12 pairs of Patik or Slippers, around 5 to 6 beads (mind you the beads in turkey all come on strings, not in packets) A poncho/shawl for my partners sister and some nylon thread.  Uploading photos later! Stay tuned

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Craft Shopping


I went into the city today to do some craft shopping (I'm such a hoarder) because my friend messaged me that there was a sale on at some store that I cant remember the name of, so I went in to have a look, and even though they were having a sale, everything was still soooo expensive.  I was told that all or most of the things they had were imported, but the funny thing is that these things are cheaper overseas.  This backs up my reason of only buying from overseas.  Turkeys prices for craft supplies are fabulous and I'm glad I have someone to send me things when I need them, otherwise I just find them on ebay.  Its a bit annoying waiting for 2 weeks, but I'd rather pay less and be patient than be impulsive and be charged out the ass lol.

So I bought some DMC cross stitch cotton and some cross stitch things, the wool was too expensive, and i dont know anyone who wears "llama wool' soo yeah

Hope you all had a good day and thanks for reading my blog once again!



This part of my blog is dedicated to jewellery, not that I make much of it, but if I do, It will be uploaded here!
Blue and pink earrings with beads.

Blue earrings with white beads

More videos..


Here are some more of my videos, sorry about the camera, it was a shit to keep having to move it lol, as ive said before these are not patterns, they're merely just to show you how i do it, except for those who know how to do igne oyasi obviously this will be a guide for them.  Click below to be taken to Youtube

Oya lace butterfly

Oya lace motif

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



These are some of my videos,  they are not meant to be patterns, I'm just showing you how they're done.  Please appreciate the time that I've taken to make these videos for you all, even though i didnt have to go out of my way to make them but i did. The 1st video is a pyramid in Oya lace, and the 2nd is bead oya called "halay"  More videos to come (hopefully) so stay tuned, and please like my facebook page COUCHCROCHETCRUMBS. :) Enjoy xx

CouchCrochetCrumbs goes FACEBOOK


Like the page on facebook guys and suggest it to your friends! There more likes and the more followers I get on this blog might tempt me to start doing video tutorials...you never know...! 

Cheers xx

The stupid bitch on Etsy chat who told me that Australians were "ill mannered and mysogenists"


This dumb bitch tried to tell me that Australians are ill mannered andmysogenists, just because she was complaining about another user being a guy and doing hand craft, so me and my big mouth stepped in to give her a piece of my mind and it turns out that shes a hippy that sells organic herbs and god knows what, to which I told her she needed to stop smoking otherwise her judgement would be clouded further.

Does it really matter if a man can do handcraft? Does it make any difference? Who is to say that a man cant be just as precise and patient as a woman can?

Sorry, this bitch just got on my nerves.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain Rain GO AWAY


Its gloomy and raining here in good old Melbourne.  I guess this could be good for getting ahead in some of my projects, however this weather makes me feel lazy and just want to watch movies with the partner lol.  Sooo things that are on the go are the oya edgings, as I just found out that my mother in law is sending some scarves from turkey (because I cant find ones that I actually like here) and I'm so excited, more beads are being sent aswel aswel as some Patik or slippers.  Can't wait for the package, I'm all excited lol.  Having left over lasagne tonight for dinner, I'm so not cooking lol.  Anywayyy back to work, Happy Blogging!

Armenian Knotted Lace (Which is really just OYA but i suppose everyone wants a piece of this beauty)


These are a few pages from the Priscilla Armenian (yeah ok) Lace Book that I thought I'd share to those who want to learn a little bit more by reading the instructions.  Just basic things but if it helps anyone..

Cemberimde Gul Oya..


Haven't had much time to do things today, busy cooking and cleaning.  Might do some shuttle work and try to get my edging for the scarf a bit longer, i seem to always have like 20 things on the go and go back and forth between them until one of them finishes, and then i look at it for 40 minutes looking for mistakes and admiring it lol, such a loser.  I really want to get back to making my centrepieces and table cloth thats 2 motifs in progress, but im sort of too busy with all my oya to be doing that at the moment.  I have a friend who told her sister inlaw to take some of the scarves to the local mosques (yes, we're muslim) and try to sell them there, and the other oya things like the earrings etc that I've made she'll take along with her and her craft groups stuff to markets to try and sell.  I had some items up on etsy about 3 months ago but no one seemed to want to buy anything- Americans dont seem to want to buy from Australians lol but oh well, I suppose if anyone on here wants my things I wouldnt mind putting it up on etsy for you, just let me know and we'll sort it out.  Its nearly 2am and I'm back to my work, happy blogging!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Other things...


This section is for my other creations and other things ive come into posession of.

The table cloth from my mother in law, lovely colours and lacework, I hope one day to complete something of the same size.

Knitted turkish slippers made by my mother in law, I hate knittting and thinks it takes too long, but these are gorgeous, but they dont fit my feet lol

Handbag made by my mother in law.  This made my eyes pop out of my head when i first saw it.

My paper raffia clutch, it was more of a protocol than anything but a few people I've shown said that its actually really nice, i found it really difficult to crochet with paper raffia, the tension was a bit off and really hard to pull stitches through.  The inside is covered with material to match.

My crochet slippers, fabulous for winter! these are easy to crochet and pretty quick, you could use another granny square pattern, but i just used the basic one that i know.

My 1st two oya flower protocols, I made these about a year ago and i look back and laugh at how sloppy my work was and how i couldnt get some of the stitches right, but with practice comes a better product.  Its nice to look back at past work and compare where you were and where you are now.

My baby jumper with butterfly appliques, this is my own pattern.  Its worked all in HDC and i made this around a year ago aswel.

My crochet centrepiece, this took me 5 days to make and i can tell you i was jumping over tables when i'd finished it because it came to a point where it was just so draining to make.

Igne Oyalar From The Net


None of the work posted here is mine.  Nor do I take credit for it, these are merely for me to pass onto you for ideas and inspiration.  Enjoy!!

I've done one of these motifs before, Its one of the 1st motifs I ever learned, if i was to do any sort of tutorial on my blog, this is the one I'd teach.  Its simple and beautiful.

These look like christmas trees lol

This is a hand towel edging, of which I looked at and am in the process of making. 

This is a "namaz ortu" or "prayer covering"  the motif here is called "benli" or "spots" and on this scarf only one side is done with oya and usually its something huge as you can see above.

Cute and simple

I haveeee to make this! Its so cute!

Ahh the beloved 3d oya scarf, beautiful isnt it?

Suprisingly not as hard as it looks


Sunday, June 19, 2011

So many people blogging about OYA


So I was just looking through google, it seems like everyone and their dog wants to learn how to do oya loll.  I believe I wouldnt have been able to get to where I am today without a whole load of time on my hands and someone else to teach me.  I think its a bit adventurous to try and learn something that has no patterns and no actual way of teaching except through another person who actually knows this art.  If you have a load of time on your hands and you're persistant in trying to learn this artform, then I say good on you!  Although for Tig Oyalar (crochet oya) I suppose anyone with a crocheting background can in a way figure out how to do the patterns.  Mekik Oyalar (Tatted oya) is easy for anyone who knows how to tat, because in retrospect you can just make up your own patterns with rings and chains or whatever, you can even go that one step further and mix 2 types of oya together eg: crochet and tatting, where you'd make your base as crochet and tat flowers to attach to it, or the other way around.  I hope to find the time to show you all some of my experimentations in the near future.

On another note, how hot is Manu from dancing with the stars? lol

Scarves and their Oya edgings


This is a collection of Oya scarves that I have made, and that my mother in law has made.  I will update these regularly with pictures of my various other projects. Enjoy!!

My pride and joy, my first oya scarf:  this is a silk scarf I bought, and I couldn't start it until my shipment of nylon thread came from turkey.  It is made with green and orange thread, and green turkish glass beads.  It took me about 3 weeks to finish it, even though i believe it would have taken less time if I didn't have so much to do outside my craft time.  My inspiration came from one of my mother in laws scarves that I have in a box in the spare room.
This is my mother in laws work of which i took inspiration for my 1st oya scarf. 
This is my mother in laws work also, of which I cant seem to figure out how she put it all together, I'm sure one day she'll teach me!
This is a tulip, done with a light mauve colour, this piece is incomplete and as with any incomplete piece I will post pictures of them when they are completed.
I decided to do this oya on this particular scarf as it was very plain and only two colours (blue and white) so I didnt have much to work with.  This scarf is also incomplete and I will post the complete version when I've got around to finishing it.
Firkete or "Hairpin" oya.  this oya is called "broom" and its actually quite simple once you get the overall hang of it.  Its made with Pink and Purple thread and since i didnt have a spare hairpin, i just used a coat hanger! lol
My first 3d oya scarf.  I decided to go with the theme of the scarf which was flowers so I made a 4 petal flower with brown edging to match the scarf.  This piece is also incomplete.
Mix crochet/sequins scarves
Mix crochet/sequins

Igne oyasi with beads
Igne Oyasi :)

The full scarf.



So I've previously had some of my items posted on etsy, however sadly they failed to sell.  If any one reading this sees anything they might like, or want something similar (custom made) I'd be glad to discuss the prospects of selling, feel free to let me know.  More photos coming in the coming days guys, I need to arrange the work and photograph it which I'm sure most of you know can be very draining, and in todays hussle and bussle how does anyone find the time?!  Watch this space!

Various Loose Oya Edgings


This oya was made with multicolor nylon thread, and white glass beads

This is my first shuttle oya, the name is "bes bir yerde" or 5 in one place, it is made with one shuttle only and consists of rings and spaces only- no chains! I'm still yet to perfect my tatting abilities though lol, made with light blue nylon thread.

This oya is made with a hairpin or Firkete, this type of oya is named Yelpaze or "fan", it is made with
blue and black nylon thread.  Its not as hard as it looks, but its a bit draining lol.  The fans can be separated and dont need to be made on a chain as above, and can be just attatched to a "stalk" of crocheted oya on a scarf (which I will provide an example of in the future)

This is crochet oya with beads (Tig Ile Boncuklu Oya) and is made with brown beads, and white nylon thread.

This oya is made on a chain, the green bit is completed first and then the petals are completed, this also has intervals of glass beads.  Made with dark green nylon thread, and light pink nylon thread. (Incomplete)

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