Monday, June 20, 2011

Other things...


This section is for my other creations and other things ive come into posession of.

The table cloth from my mother in law, lovely colours and lacework, I hope one day to complete something of the same size.

Knitted turkish slippers made by my mother in law, I hate knittting and thinks it takes too long, but these are gorgeous, but they dont fit my feet lol

Handbag made by my mother in law.  This made my eyes pop out of my head when i first saw it.

My paper raffia clutch, it was more of a protocol than anything but a few people I've shown said that its actually really nice, i found it really difficult to crochet with paper raffia, the tension was a bit off and really hard to pull stitches through.  The inside is covered with material to match.

My crochet slippers, fabulous for winter! these are easy to crochet and pretty quick, you could use another granny square pattern, but i just used the basic one that i know.

My 1st two oya flower protocols, I made these about a year ago and i look back and laugh at how sloppy my work was and how i couldnt get some of the stitches right, but with practice comes a better product.  Its nice to look back at past work and compare where you were and where you are now.

My baby jumper with butterfly appliques, this is my own pattern.  Its worked all in HDC and i made this around a year ago aswel.

My crochet centrepiece, this took me 5 days to make and i can tell you i was jumping over tables when i'd finished it because it came to a point where it was just so draining to make.


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