Sunday, June 19, 2011

The blog overhaul


So I decided to redo the blog and start afresh considering I have new things and new ideas etc, from now on I'll be focusing on my knowledge of the Turkish handcraft part of my crafting abilities with the addition of a few other things here and there.  So recently I've been indulging in the art of Igne Oyasi, which I'm still not exactly and expert on, however I know enough to get me through.  Igne Oyasi is the name of Turkish needle lace which adorns the scarves, towels, bed sheets etc of Turkish womens homes.  They are often given as presents on wedding days as a trousseau.  Igne oyasi is just one of many "oyas" there is also Tig Oyasi (Crochet oya,) Boncuklu Oyasi (Bead oya,) and Mekik oyasi (Shuttle/tatted oya.)  And I will be giving an example of each in this blog.  If you don't already know, I am not Turkish, I am Lebanese however my partner is Turkish and he informed me of all this about a year and a half ago when I was just a beginner and somewhat ignorant to this brilliant art form.  I have had no patterns to learn from, and basically taught myself how to make the oya, except I guess I also in somewhat of a way thank my mother in law for helping me, from all the things she left here the last time she was in Australia.  The bad thing about this art form is that there are really no patterns that you can follow, unless you have a basic knowledge and can follow mere basic motifs in the book "Osmanli'dan gunumuze oyalar."  However I have seen extracts of this book, and if I didnt have a basic knowledge of Oya lace, im sure I wouldn't be able to complete half of the projects in there.  I won't be providing patterns (sorry if you thought i was going to go out of my way to take 70 photographs for the one project :(  ) however I'd like you to share with my me projects and appreciate the time I have spent making them.  I don't mind helping you with your queries, so feel free to ask if you need any help.  The name of this blog is CouchCrochetCrumbs, and I named it that because I started with crochet first, I knew nothing of Oya until a year ago.  So even though I still have alot to learn, enjoy my journey of discovering more with me! Happy blogging!


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