Thursday, February 20, 2014

1st Post In The New Year


Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I have blogged, and my God has it been extremely hot here in Melbourne.  We got up to 46 degrees at one stage and it was practically impossible to sleep.  Luckily for me, the heatwave for now is over and I'm back to making things, collecting antique textiles and whatnot.


Above we have some of the things that I've done this year.  I made 4 oya lace scarves, some eye glasses cords and a cross stitch pillow case cover with lace edging for my spare room which I have matched the colours to.

I still cant believe I now OWN these beauties.  These cloths are HUGE, and are embroidered with metal using a special technique called "Tel Kirma" in Turkish.  Each stitch is individually done and there is no moving between stitches.  You finish one stitch and then start another.  It is very pain staking and comes from the northern part of Turkey from an area called Bartin.  These 2 cloths are antiques and would've taken the woman who made them 6 months at least for each one, so I'm quite happy to have these in my collection now.

Ahiretlik Oya- "friends to the end Oya"

Zeki Muren Eyelash

Deer Horns

Wasp Oya

Leblebi (roasted chickpeas) Oya

Above we have some new comers to my collection.  The first one Ahiretlik Oya is from Kutahya, Turkey.  A girl makes this for her friend on her wedding day to signify that they will be friends no matter what.  We then have some bead oya scarves from Balikesir:  Zeki Muren Eyelash,  Deer Horns and Leblebi oya, while Wasp bead oya comes from Namrun.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this, my first post for the year.  Don't forget to visit my facebook page and give me a like (click HERE to be redirected to my facebook page)

Till Next time! Take care!

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