Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Igne Oyasi Tutorial


 So heres another tutorial, this time for Igne oyasi.  A simple yet pretty edging, easy enough to accomplish if you know the basics of oya.  This tutorial is step by step, any questions are welcome.

Once again I have taken the time to take these pictures, and explain what I'm doing for your benefit.  Please, link back to my profile if you in some way choose to post this tutorial on your website.  Its only fair!

Anyway on with the tutorial...
This is what we will be making today.

You will need:  2 colours nylon/polyester thread, a lighter, scissors and a sewing needle.

Make 2 zurafa (loops)

Going back on the 2nd loop make a knot

Make 4 pirpir (long loops)

Continue making zurafa (loops) 5 in total.

Going back on the 5th loop make a knot and repeat making 4 pirpir (long loops)
the above steps are repeated for the length desired.

With the 2nd colour make 3 zurafa (loops) over the 4 pirpir (long loops)

going back, knot in the 1st loop.

make 1 pirpir (long loop) in the same space

continuing forward make 2 zurafa (loops) over the 3 zurafa (loops) below.
you have now decreased. Well done haha.

Going back, make 1 pirpir (long loop) in the same space.

make 1 zurafa (loop) go back in that 1 zurafa (loop) and make 1 pirpir (long loop) in the same loop.

Make another pirpir (long loop) in the same space.

leaving a small amount of thread (enough so it doesn't distort) bridge to the 1st pirpir (long loop) on the row below
and make a knot and repeat the above steps again.

At the end cut your threads and burn them, I burn them so they dont unravel, but sometimes they leave black burnt bits but its up to you i suppose.

And so this is the tutorial!  Thanks for reading! x

Lets make a bead oya TOGETHER!


So I dont make many tutorials but I thought I would do this one just for the bead oya lovers out there. I will be divulging into the many uses of the oya made popular by Adele Recklies on her website which teaches what she has simply named "oya stitch" which I know to be Yillan Kemigi or Snakes Bone oya, which originated in my mother in laws home city of Konya in Turkey.  This oya can be made simply as it is and attached to a scarf, or can have more complicated designs where the "snakes bone" acts as a sort of band that holds the rest of the oya.  Today I will be showing you a basic tutorial simply called "eyebrow."  My mother in law taught me this oya, and its really simple and beautiful to make.  To achieve the best results, I suggest becoming familiar with the yillan kemigi oya before beginning this tutorial, as I have simple pictures and captions to explain what to do.  You can find the tutorial HERE

Now I know there are some people out there who will disregard what I'm about to say, but I'd appreciate if you have a little respect and not post these instructions to your website, blog, anything without linking BACK to me.  I've taken the time to teach you something, atleast be kind enough to acknowledge the person who taught you.  Thankyou :)

Chain one, take one bead chain one.

Go into the 1st ch and sc, slide another bead down close it and ch 1
Go into bead and sc, slide down bead and ch 1, turn and repeat
This is how Yillan Kemigi is formed, Now for the "eyebrow" part...
So we have what it looks like on the left.  After 4 beads in total, chain 8 and go into left side of 2nd bead from
your hook and sc. ch 1 and take a bead, go into ch and sc.  Do this 7 times.  The 7th bead will become
part of the yillan kemigi.  The step by step is below.

Ch 8, sc into left side of 2nd bead from hook.

7 beads over chain.Ch 1 and sc into far side of snakes bone (continuing the snake bone oya stitch.)  slide down bead
ch 1 turn and go into 7th bead of the "eyebrow"  repeat these steps.  You can leave as many beads in between motifs as you like, I normally leave 2 or 3.

When your oya is long enough, chain 8 and dc into left side of 2nd bead from hook.  Ch 6 and repeat till end.

I hope this tutorial is to your liking.  I hope you all have a lovely day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The next oya scarf!


This is the next oya scarf I'm working on and I've just completed side one.  I really like this motif and its not taking as long as the last scarf I made (which is on ETSY so go check it out!)  This scarf is blue and white with little sticky sequins things and blue flower motifs on it.  I didn't actually have thread in dark blue so i decided to go with white and a dark shade of yellow.  I'm pretty happy with the colours I've chosen as they take your eye off the harshness of the blue. 

I'm also thinking of making some bead oyas and flat oyas to sell on etsy as little packages, just for the people who dont want to buy a whole scarf.  Let me know what you think and if you think this is a good idea!

Thanks for checking out my post!

Enjoy xx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Igne Oyasi (needle lace) Scarf ready for ETSY!


So this will be the first time I'll be selling an Igne Oyasi scarf on etsy, considering the others I have made have always been sold before I even get the chance to put one up!  All up it took me about 4 days to complete and I'm extremely happy with the end result.

Usually when I aquire a scarf ready to be adorned with oya, I assess the colours that are present on the scarf and usually I'll either use colours that match the scarf, or colours that go with the colours of the scarf but stand out more-  This is typical in turkish handicrafts, especially oya.  This scarf is brown and white with rose motifs and flowers.  I love the subtlety of this scarf and so I decided not to go with anything too eccentric and stick to more soft tones, but tones that stood out from the scarf to make it noticeable.  I think that white and lilac were perfect colours to go with this scarf.  I used dark green thread to begin with just to take your eye off the brown when you look at the scarf, then the eye moves to the lilac and notices the white.  So I think these colours were perfect to adorn this scarf with.

The last side felt like it took forever for me to finish, and I finished at 2am yesterday morning, looked at it, folded it, and went to bed haha.

This scarf is available on my ETSY page

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've been naughty and haven't blogged! But I have been busy!


And this is why!  I haven't blogged, or been on etsy (except to check if I'd sold anything lol) or anything!  I thought I'd give myself a little break and time to make a whole load of stuff (since I went to a market and wanted enough things to sell) and this is what I have left that you haven't seen before, so obviously I must have made alot haha.  The market stall was ok, I'd do it again, but most of the people were more intent on complimenting me for my work, and not actually buying it.  I made more than I payed for the stall so I guess thats a win for me?  So lets work through all these photos and hopefully get back to normal with the etsy'ing blogging, facebooking and all those other technological things!

Bracelets! from left:  Oya bracelet, Bead oya bracelet, pinkish bead woven, plastic/seed bead woven,
pearl like with seed bead woven, plastic/seed bead woven, pearl like with seed bead woven, daisy chain, daisy chain, oya stitch x3.

Set: Metalic pearl like beads with seed beads woven, as is bracelet with Oya lace earrings

Lilac coloured Crochet Oya earrings

Lilac coloured oya earrings

All earrings

Igne oyasi and Tig oyasi

Lemons, cherries and *add interesting fruit/thing here*




Lemons! Igne Oyasi

11" bead oya edging Purple nylon thread off white seed beads

Knitted baby jumper blue and white with buttons

Knitted Baby jumper purple and white with buttons (at back)

Knitted off white baby cardigan with buttons

Knitted brown and white baby jumper

Knitted mixed colours pure WOOL baby jumper with buttons (at back)

Hats from top left to right:  Pink and Black crochet hat, Maroon knitted hat (hard to see), green and lilac pure wool crocheted hat, knitted multicoloured hat, knitted pinks and creams, knitted light green and brown, knitted blue and peach, knitted pink bonnet.

Yildiz (star) Lif - Turkish washcloth

This is one of my igne oyasi projects this year.  I'm adamant that I'm going to make a scarf with these flowers on it, even if it takes me 365 days to complete.  The flowers are apple flowers and I love the colours and they go excellently with the colours of the scarf.  I think on each side of the scarf there will be atleast 7 or 8 flowers so thats around 28 or 36 flowers in total.

Oya examples from top down:  Tatted, bead wheel of fortune, crochet, crochet green and pink flowers, crochet daisy, crochet "beard", crochet halay, crochet wheel of fortune (this is an alternate version with the oya stitch yillan kemigi incorperated which is the same stitch you can make oya bracelets with), crochet fingers with nailpolish.

So thats what I've been up to in the past month or so, and I do hope you'll forgive me for my lateness in blogging.  Id like to also thank everyone who has read my blog or followed me.  I'm over 12,000 views now and over 50 followers!  I'm very happy and excited about that. 

I will blog soon, I promise!

Peace x
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