Friday, March 22, 2013

Order Finally Complete


Just finished the order that has taken me forever to do, mainly due to sickness and getting more hours at work, however this will soon come to an end as I dont think my contract will be renewed but whatever I'm  not complaining!  This is one of the biggest motifs on a scarf I have ever done, and I now know how women in the Efe area of Aydin in Turkey feel.  Anyway I'm extremely happy that the order is finished, and my poor friend who ordered it can actually HAVE them now and not have to wait anymore!

I also ironed all the motifs and starched them which obviously prevents them from being flimsy and floppy.  Also the great thing about Oya from Efe is that the motifs are usually totally different colours to the scarf, so the motifs stand out! How great is that?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just a little oya doily!


I was mucking around with some stitches and stuff seeing if I could make a small doily- And I did!  It was pretty easy actually and its pretty cute too!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Flower Order and MIL's Cross Stitch Sheets!


So I finally finished the flowers, still have to finish the scarf...but its been so hot here in Melbourne, it was like almost 36 degrees the other day it was very very bad.

Anyway heres the pictures of the flowers, and the motifs on my sister in laws cross stitch sheets that my mother in law made.  Normally these sorts of things are given so when a girl gets married she can make the house pretty!

Oya Lace Samples from Balikesir and Mersin


The following Oya examples are from the Balikesir and Mersin Areas of Turkey.  The names of the following samples can be found on my Facebook HERE and HERE

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