Thursday, December 29, 2011

Turkish Washcloths (Lif)


So I thought I'd start making some turkish washcloths to put up on etsy since it entwines with my whole mainly "turkish" themed items!  So here they are, just 2 for now, but more to come.  I really like the pink and white one, I've included an early photo when I'd just got into it.  Surprisingly these aren't that quick to whip up, the stitch I haven't seen anywhere BUT turkish style crochet, I know its called fistik ilmegi in turkish however I'm unsure about the name in English.  I made one of these about 3 months ago and I swear by it in the shower.  Its so relaxing and gives exfoliation without being tough and abrasive.  Anyway these babies are going up on Etsy.  Enjoy.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas To All Those Celebrating!! Mums Antiques Part 1


 So every christmas time I go up to my mums to have lunch with her and the family and I stay a few days to just relax from the hussle and bussle of the city.  My mum lives 3 hours from Melbourne in a town that is pretty isolated from...well anything, and the closest town to go shopping in is 30 minutes away.  Anyway my mum has been collecting dolls and fine china and other things ever since I can remember and her house is and always will be a somewhat "ever changing museum"  Every year when I come here I rush around the house to find out whats new and whats changed.  The thing I like about my mums things are that even though the house is big, shes put the things in certain ways or positions as to not clutter a room, but to beautify it.  Anyway I always remember that when my mum had time she'd often sew together a dress for a doll or knit a jumper or cardigan or whatever.  Maybe this is where my crafting skills have come from! who knows...So this is just the 1st installment of some of my mums things, shes also an avid gardener and has around 25 gardens on her property...I suppose if you live in the middle of no where, you have to find lots to do lol.

Hand Painted Hand Saw
A Doll on the end of my mums bed

Doll in pram with parasol

One of the doll cabinets

Bears and dolls!

One of my mums many displays of fine china and figurines.


Like me my mum has a soft spot for chickens and has many chicken related art around the house

This jug and bowl have been here ever since I can remember.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I broke my promise..


A few blog posts ago I promised I wouldnt go a week without blogging, and I've bloody done it again!  I hope all you lovely people who read my blog don't think I'm at all being neglectful but sometimes life just gets very very busy!  I secured placement at the aged care facility and I have been working there 4 days a week (without pay obviously because its placement) and already they have offered me a job there, so well done to me!  Its not at all as bad as I thought it would be, but theres been some incidents where I'm like "oh...hang on...." lol.

Anyway about crafting.  So since I've been so busy I haven't really had time to do anything, which of course is really upsetting.  But every night I come home from work and just play around for new ideas and stuff, because obviously I dont want to start something at 10.30 at night and then not be able to work on it again till the weekend.  I shall post photos of these such things soon!!

I hope you guys are doing well and please don't forget to visit my etsy shop if you're interested in buying some of my things :)

Cheers x

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New OYA earrings on ETSY


So I got all creative today, and why not right? I mean this week the only day I have off from placement is Wednesday, and I dont think I'll be coming home to do my hand craft, I think I'll be coming home and sleeping lol.  So here they are, I whipped them up and now theyre on my etsy shop (which you can find here)  The last ones are tatted.  I have heaps more tatted earrings but theyre with my friends niece (remember I told you I gave some things to her to see if she could sell them at the stalls? yeah well I'm still waiting for them back lol)

So yeah, check out my store, tell your friends!  Thanks alot for reading my blog as always, and I'll blog ya soon!

Saturday, December 3, 2011



So I decided to put up a few things, and I guess as I make a few more things I'll put them up.  And what doesn't sell online will go to the market stall we'll hopefully open next year!!  So visit my etsy store!  It doesn't have much at the moment but check it out anyway! Maybe you'll find something you like!

You can find my etsy page here

Or you can just scroll down on the main page of my blog to find the items for sale on the left hand side!

I'll put things up slowly slowly as I've started work placement at an Aged Care facility and unfortunately I get alot of hours so by the time I get home I'm too stuffed to do anything.  But I have weekends, and I'll get back more time after I finish my 120 hours haha!

Thankyou so much for your time and have a lovely day :)
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