Thursday, June 23, 2011

Craft Shopping


I went into the city today to do some craft shopping (I'm such a hoarder) because my friend messaged me that there was a sale on at some store that I cant remember the name of, so I went in to have a look, and even though they were having a sale, everything was still soooo expensive.  I was told that all or most of the things they had were imported, but the funny thing is that these things are cheaper overseas.  This backs up my reason of only buying from overseas.  Turkeys prices for craft supplies are fabulous and I'm glad I have someone to send me things when I need them, otherwise I just find them on ebay.  Its a bit annoying waiting for 2 weeks, but I'd rather pay less and be patient than be impulsive and be charged out the ass lol.

So I bought some DMC cross stitch cotton and some cross stitch things, the wool was too expensive, and i dont know anyone who wears "llama wool' soo yeah

Hope you all had a good day and thanks for reading my blog once again!


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