Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The blanket update...


Sadly, I ran out of wool LOL.  Which is actually great because now I have to go back and get some more, and which also means that I'll be craft hoarding again haha.  I'm up to the 20th row of the blanket, so it won't be so hard to go and get some grey and black wool, but if I'm to go by myself, because I don't drive- It will be a mission!  The weather has been kinda crazy recently, we had like gail force winds the other day and even a treamor at 11:30 this morning, thankfully I made it through (you couldnt even feel it where I live lol)  so everythings good!  About to go to bed because I just finished some more of my 7 projects lol.

Happy blogging bloggeroonies!


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