Friday, July 1, 2011

Its the start of the weekend, kind of..


So as you should all know by now- I'm a craft hoarder lol, and it just so happens that lincraft (the superior to spotlight by far) is having a 30% off sale, so of course the first thing I did was make my partner take me there (he's so great) unfortunately they weren't having a wool sale so i was pretty annoyed that i couldn't pick myself up some cheap yarn.  I asked some hippy bitch that worked there why it was so expensive and she began to tell me how sheep need to be fed and shorn and all this other crap to which i kinda just walked away from (i so couldn't be bothered- i had a time limit!) So most of the wool that i've seen in australia isnt even made here..its imported from countries that have cheap cheap cheap wool (like turkey) so i'm thinking- if australia is like so well known for like farming and sheep and all that other crap- wheres our sheeps' wool going? does it go overseas, get spun and dyed and then shipped back here? anyway i think this is stupid and think that we need cheaper yarn.  So anyway back to what I bought today- I bought some teardrop beads for the tatted earrings, bought some DMC thread for my cross stitch (whenever I get around to it) and in my mind i bought a whole load of other crap, but i got in trouble because i have like 2 closets full of things lol.  Anyway at the moment im still working on my blanket, and a scarf, and some edgings, the blanket is up to row 18 i think, yesterday i hardly did any craft work: i cooked like allllll day.  I made like these lebanese pastries and bamia (which is like an okra stew kinda thing) but the pastry is like the most draining thing it took like 5 hours to actually get ready and then ontop of that comes baking- joy.  So hope you all who follow/read this blog have been having a good week, and i'll blog you soon!



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