Friday, July 22, 2011

The next part of the baby stuff..


So now after finishing ten wondorous hats (and no reply from the person who contacted me as yet- I mean even if they dont get back to me I have a shitload of baby stuff lol, well- kinda) I decided to make a baby blanket for them aswel.  I started off with a blue wool blend yarn for the 1st row (not including the chain) and then a yellow LALLO filatura di crosa baby (cotton/Polyamid/Viscose blend) yarn for the remaining rows- so therefore the border will be dark blue.  However I suppose this blanket could be used for a girl or a boy, lets not assume that blue is for boys and pink for girls, we're not in the 1300s any more lol.  So anyway i'll post photos soon. 



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