Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curry for Iftar!


So i know its been a while since i've blogged, but i'm sure you all know i'm only one person and have so many things to do!  Tonight we're having a sri lankan curry for Iftar (breaking fast) which was of course made by me lol.  I was trawling on facebook today and came across a group on facebook which MAY assist me in selling some of my items!  "Craigieburn area buy swap sell freebies" is a group that you have to be invited to, and since I kinda live in the Craigieburn area I thought I'd apply to join to see how my luck goes with selling some of the stuff I make!  Fingers crossed of course. 

No breakthrough with the phone company, they still are offering me a 50% discount, even though the bills at 1,044 dollars now lol (I swear its not my fault) so the manager from priority care advised me to wait for the resolution team to contact me because they have the ability to rectify the bill- thank GOD.

I'm working on some oya scarves at the moment, finished the baby items and still the person who ordered them hasnt contacted me back- so bad luck, they go to someone else!

I'm off to prepare for dinner, Catch ya later bloggeroonies! xx


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