Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Knitting. My Arch-Nemesis.


Lets be honest..It looks nice, it keeps you warm, but its a drainer and if you dont know it well enough, you waste 3 hours on something you just have to undo.  I hate knitting.  Atleast with a crochet hook you can hold the stitches without them falling off when you're about to make a stitch.  When I say I hate knitting, I mean I hate the act of knitting, not the finished product.  So I decided to indulge in knitting as usually I like to atleast say I can do it and then just not do it unless I need to.  I bought a pair of circular needles a while back and just discovered them stashed in the bottom of one of the many bags of hoarded items I have.  I remember trying to knit on them the first time and not understanding why that long annoying cord kept bending back and twisting my stitches, I knew that 5dpn knitting was hard but this was something else!  So I ended up throwing them over in the corner but then being the stubborn person I am I decided to look at a couple of youtube videos to get a basic idea of how to knit toe-up socks on ONE CIRCULAR needle (as online you cant find many patterns that just use one circular needle, they use two to get two socks at a time, but they dont really take into consideration that maybe you dont want to do that?)  So heres the video I started watching (theres I think 8 in total, but it really got my head around the how whole circular needle thing works)


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