Friday, August 12, 2011

Likes of the week


I found these wondorous things during my travells through the many web pages on the internet.  I do not take ownership of any of these items, although most of the Oya examples I am able to do.

I love filet cushion cases

Embroidered Crochet Baby Slippers! I LOVE THESE!

This oya is fairly easy

Nice and Simple Oya

Cute Boncuklu Oyasi

Crochet + Beads

I love this one

Loving tablecloths!


I've made similar flowers to these on my oya scarves.

Igne Oyasi

This is made with a Firkete or a hairpin.

Cute and Simple

I love this table cloth

Colour makes the world go around.

This is a technique called Sis oyasi

My obsession: PINWHEELS


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