Sunday, August 7, 2011

I cant believe I was DISCONNECTED.


So i've come to the conclusion that all phone/internet providers in Australia, are thieves.  So this jerk off tries to accuse me of using over 1 grand worth of data on my iphone, when i have the internet at my house? does this make sense to anyone? So i disputed the bill and got the ombudsman involves.  But I just cant believe the call centre people over in india, theyre SO rude.  One woman even felt the need to speak to me in a condescending manner to which I basically told her to go and get f***ed.  So they disconnected me, but I got them to reconnect it because I said there was a chance of a medical emergency lol.

So I've been pottering around doing some things here and there, done some knitting, some oya work, some blanket work, its all happening.  Now i know I promised you lovely people a picture of the booties I've made, and here it is!  I've just made the same style bootie, but in different colours.  Enjoy! :)


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